Service Operation



Service Operation

Day-to-day work for the service


Primary purpose is deliver/support is services at agreed levels effectiveness/efficiency, providing value to stakeholder.


  • Support the delivery of IT Services
  • Monitor performance and assess IT Services
  • Manage the people, processes, and technology that deliver and support IT Services


  • The Services Themselves
  • Service Management Processes
  • Technology
  • People

Value to Business

Where processes/activities are executed/delivered/assessed by customers.


Four main functions:

  1. Service Desk – Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for users when service disruption, service requests, or some RFC’s.
  2. Technical Mgmt – detailed tech skills to support ongoing operation (key role in design/testing/release/improvement of it services).
  3. Operations Control – responsibility for daily operational activities to manage IT infrastructure; breaks down into IT ops control & IT facilities Mgmt.
  4. Application Mgmt – detailed tech skills/resources to manage apps through SDLC.

Required consistent accountability/responsibility via role definition.