SiteScope vs Nagios

Sitescope is buggy not a good value

We had to limit the number of monitors on Sitescope or the performance and stability got terrible.  We have now switched from Sitescope, Foglight and HP Openview to just the commercial supported version of Nagios called NagiosXI and we love it.  It includes Wizards, Reports and Dash boards.  See our very complete research on NagiosXI

Update: We are currently monitoring 2,500 monitoring points on a single NagiosXI Unlimited server.  The Virtual box has 4 CPUs.  We believe the box can handle 3 times more monitoring points.  The biggest performance bottleneck we had to solve was making sure the server had more than one disk to keep up with all the IO Nagios does to temporay files. See more on our Nagios Project here.

Review Our Monitoring Strategy and Architecture

Recently Nate and I spoke at the Nagios World Conference in North America. Here the presentations.

Pricing for SiteScope

Monitor Point Packs & Pricing:

Monitoring Points Price Cost per point
50 $3,750 $75
100 $6,000 $60
500 $25,000 $50
2000 $80,000 $40

Pricing for NagiosXI

Licensed HostsPriceSupport Incidents Included
Unlimited* $2,495 USD   10
51 - 100 $1,995 USD 5
1 - 50 $1,295 USD 3

* Note: the unlimited license now includes a license to use on a test server as well.

Each host can have as many monitoring points with Nagios as you want (i.e. CPU, memory, application, disk, http)

Server monitor review

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